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About Us

Z Villages is a small family business that has been in the making over the course of 3 generations, countless entrepreneurial ventures and failures, and several economic downturns. It all started with the late William Zappas and the Torrance Press Newspaper, which he created and eventually sold to transition into commercial real estate development and management in 1965.

In 1959, Michael Zappas began working for his father in the Torrance Press at the age of 9 sweeping the floors, delivering newspapers, and doing all the little things behind the scenes that any entrepreneur’s son might need to take on. After the press had been sold to a larger newspaper William bought some small apartments and a piece of land now known as the El Camino Plaza in Tustin CA. Michael started in high school renovating those apartments, cleaning retail spaces, and eventually handling the leasing and development of any of their new ventures.

In 2012, Michael and one of his sons began to dream of a comprehensive commercial real estate company that would stand on three legs: development, renovation, and management. The goal was to have a company that could handle all aspects of commercial real estate while ensuring it would be viable in any economic time. They began to formulate a plan and in 2013 Max Zappas came on board to make this dream a reality.

Since 2012, Z Villages has seen amazing growth and has made good on the original promise to “Provide safe, affordable, enriching housing for diverse income groups.” In 2013, we completed the beautiful Las Lomas Village in Atascadero CA, in 2016 we completed the renovation of 3 small run down apartment communities in Visalia CA, and in 2017 we have acquired property in downtown Atascadero CA to build an amazing mixed-use community. Z Villages was officially founded on March 15, 2017 with the addition of Zoe Zappas (COO) and Riley McGinnis (CFO).

In 2018, Z Villages aims to continue to grow and will offer management services to all of Central California. Also, a 23 unit addition to Hidden Oaks Village will be completed, the La Plaza project plans in downtown Atascadero will be approved by the City of Atascadero, and plans will be developed for another mixed-use project, a single family housing community, and a mixed-use business park.

Property Managers

Buena Fortuna Village
Rosalinda Sepulveda – (559) 754-4000

Giant Sequoia Village
Rosalinda Sepulveda (559) 901-5359

Hidden Oaks Village
Allison Blevins – (805) 461-3212

Las Lomas Village
Tracey Hatakeyama – (805) 538-8319