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Z Villages is a real estate development and management company that is home to brokers, agents, contractors, employees, owners, investors, and residents alike. Our Village is one that is dedicated to ending the housing crisis in California and we do this by bringing all of these housing stakeholders together under one roof. In California alone, there is a development deficit of 100,000 housing units per year. It is no surprise that housing prices, homelessness, and rental rates are going up across the board in California with a yearly shortage that large. Building and developing housing isn’t getting easier as stricter, more expensive building requirements come down from the state government, environmental constraints necessitate creativity, and the general public reacts adversely when there is development near them. Because our village includes representatives from every aspect of the housing industry, we are uniquely positioned to provide a solution to the housing crisis.

Z Villages is dedicated to ending the housing crisis by providing safe, affordable, enriching housing for the residents of California through real estate development and management. We will do this by helping first-time homebuyers to invest wisely, developing housing ourselves and with partners, and, finally, managing existing housing so as to further the life of the housing stock in California.